Who says you can only stay at home in the cold winter?

ChillNoW gathers well-known internet celebrities from all over Asia to publish NFTs with the theme of "Bikini in Winter” !!
Just want you to be warm in winter, and vigorously and enthusiastically snap NFTs up!

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Hi I'm Annie(恩齊兒) from 17 Live! My interest's include investment, food and singing.

Title:Winter warm bikini

Description:Lets be warm together in winter bikini!

Price:0.01 ETH

Miyuki (Sold Out!)

Hi I'm Miyuki! I'm a flight attendent, model and streaming model. I can speak Japanese, English, Chinese, Cantonese, and I like to travel. I will introduce food and beauty from worldwide to everyone! I am very extroverted and I like to smile a lot! I hope to bring positivity to everyone!

Title:Warm bikini from a cold day

Description:What can you do in a cold day? how about my warmth in bikini ;)?

Price:0.005 ETH


Hi I'm Squirrel(QQ兒松鼠)! I like to dance, take pictures, travel and research. I'm a Taurus and I like to travel and eat~ I sometimes make funny short videos as well~ Please feel free to get to know me :)

Title:Who says we can't wear bikini in the winter?

Description:I like traveling, looking for beautiful places to stay with good bathtubs. I hope you will like my new outfit :)

Price:0.01 ETH


Hi everyone ~ I'm BaoBao(包子兒)

Title:Playing with water in the winter!

Description:Can't let winter ruin the summer fun :)

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi everyone, I'm Kosos(蕎蕎)!~~ I am new to short videos and hope everyone likes me

Title:It is very cold~~~

Description:A good physique is still very important...

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi~ I'm Ruby(劉露比). I'm happy that you've found me! please subscribe and like!

Title:Wearing bikini in the winter must include a warm jacket!

Description:Winter bikini must include a warm jacket :) It's like being hugged by a bear~

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi~ I'm Ulina, you can also call me Nine!
I like to take pictures, cosplay and like make up original characters
If you want to see more of me, you can follow me ❤️

Title:小美's Winter

Description:Fortunately, the weather in the south of Taiwan is not very cold.
Although I'm the only one on the beach wearing a bikini and eating ice cream, I want to be unique 🥰🥰

Price:0.005 ETH


Hello everyone! I'm YoruKuo, you can also call me 夜寶 ❤️
I'm a cosplayer and streamer ❤️
In addition to bringing you sexy and cute photos,
夜寶 also likes to shoot some interesting short videos///
I hope you will like a different part of me❤️

Title:There's no need to be afraid of the winter!

Description:Is it cold in winter? 夜寶 will make you hot!

Price:0.01 ETH


Hello everyone👋!
I'm Crypto girl Via.
I am a professional model, live steamer and a blockchain KOL.

Title:Winter Bikini ✨Dancing With The Wall

Description:There is stretching space everywhere😉
If you move with Via,you don’t need to be afraid of gaining weight at home during the pandemic. 💃

Price:0.05 ETH


Hello everyone, I'm Ellen 鋼鐵艾.
I'm very happy to meet you guys through NFT.
I hope you will like my creation 💕.
Friends who have purchased my NFTs can come to my Instagram and tell me everything and let me know you 😻.
My Instagram 🔍 Ellen 鋼鐵艾(imaxxxxx90)

Title:Come and play in the warm southern Taiwan with me in winter!

Description:It will be really cold this winter,but we still need to take advantage of every opportunity to play in the water. Every time I go to Kenting,I want to settle down there. I love the sun in south part of Taiwan so much☀️.It’s always there👅

Price:0.04 ETH


Hello everyone, my name is Judy.
I have been reported by the media as the most beautiful counter lady in Taiwan.
I am also a part-time model and KOL.

Title:My favorite hot bath in the cold winter

Description:My favorite hot bath in the cold winter

Price:0.02 ETH


I'm a petite girl 又又!
I am currently a model, live streamer, and KOL.
Although I usually behave confused and childish,you will find that actually I am very mature.
Although I'm sweet and cute, I can be very attractive when I'm sexy!

Title:A model’s winter bikini

Description: Bikini is a clothing that everyone loves to see throughout the year.As a model, I wear bikinis all year round. Although I looked elegant dressed in a bikini, I kept screaming in my heart: "I'm dying of cold 😂

Price:0.02 ETH

Lisa Baby

It's better that you discover me by yourself~

Title:I want to travel the world with you

Description: If a man loves a car then i am the wheel.
You can't go anywhere without me 😉😂

Price:0.02 ETH


Hello everyone~ I'm Cherry~
Usually I am the showgirl and the live streamer~
I like to eat food and travel and take pictures

Title:You can wear bikini even in winter

Description: Even in winter, you can play in the swimming pool.

Price:0.02 ETH


Hello everyone,I am a coser Murasaki from Taiwan.
It has been 8 years since I entered the cosplay industry~
I like cute things very much.
Seeing cute things will put me in a good mood!
Besides,I also have a superpower, which is—"I love you so much ❤"

Title:Murasaki Fresh Milk Tea

Description: It's too cold to wear a swimsuit in winter...
However, if you have Murasaki Fresh Milk Tea,it will keep you warm every day ❤!

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi!I'm DEMI Evil Rabbit!
I am a model.

Title:Whispering from a model with bikini in winter

Description: "In order to be beauty, you won't be afraid of runny nose.
No! It must be a lie!!!"

Price:0.02 ETH


Confidence doesn't come naturally.
It is the result of my efforts.
From a fat girl of 88 kg which is unconfident transformed into an influential 520,000 Internet celebrity.
It's the proof that I don't give up of life

Title:There is no winter in the world of hot babes🔥

Description: Confidence is not built on the comments of others.
Showing confidence doesn't matter what season.
Be spicy if you want,and don't care about others.

Price:0.02 ETH


Hello everyone,I am 山本靖也,
I like to travel everywhere,sharing everyone the joy of life,the people and things around.

Title:Soak in NFTs

Description: Immerse yourself in NFTs.
Soak yourself in the metaverse world.

Price:0.02 ETH


Hello~I'm Lydia.I like cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, acting, crafting, playing script kill & escape room.
I am a indergarten teacher, showgirl, model, actor,and I also have a lot experience of video, plane shooting.
I am lively and outgoing.I can be sweet and sexy~Come and meet me♥

Title:Be a hot girl even in winter

Description: Who says you can't wear bikinis in cold winter👙?
Hot girls have no winter 😂
Be a hot girl even in winter ♥"

Price:0.02 ETH


I am Sissi,I'm a funny woman with a cold appearance but a warm heart.
I usually like to shoot videos to record my life,I am interested in everything.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Title:Do you know how to speak the English of the Metaverse?

Description: "English classroom is open!
Let's learn English with Sissi.
Sissi will make you be more motivated to learn English!"

Price:0.02 ETH


I'm super cute!

Title:Keep warm in winter

Description: Don't forget to dress warmly and eat well!

Price:0.02 ETH


I'm 瑋哥, it'll be great to eat (me?)

Title:Sexy little wild cat come to wish you a happy new year

Description: If tiger don't show his power, they'll treat me like a sick cat.

Price:0.02 ETH


"Hi I'm Verna.
Verna for any style you want.
Come to know me if you want to dance. "

Title:What is the experience of dancing in a swimsuit in winter?

Description: This is my first time wearing a swimsuit in winter and even dancing.
If you don't watch it, you're wasting the opportunity.

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi, I'm Hong Ling,I usually live on FB,welcome to watch my live!

Title:Bikini with wet white T-shirt

Description: Hi, I'm Hong Ling,I usually live on FB, welcome to watch my live!

Price:0.02 ETH


Hello everyone!I am Valerie!
Welcome everyone to follow me and I will share my various life with you 💓

Title:Gesture dance in winter bikini

Description: It's so cold in winter, I'm here to warm up everyone 🔥

Price:0.02 ETH


Hola,Naimibirdy from Taiwan,Naimi is a birdy like cosplay human all the time.
Follow Naimi and her birdyBB, make u happy.


Description: Just table

Price:0.02 ETH


I am 陳伊.
You can also call me Yiyi Libra
Love dancing and performance ❤️

Title:Come and twitch with me when it's cold

Description: I want to dance when I hear the music ❤️

Price:0.02 ETH


Hi,everybody! I am Miss Variety BeeBee❤️

Title:Go NTF! Happy Year of the Tiger!

Description: Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai my friends 🥰❤️

Price:0.02 ETH